About us

Being a partnership of highly qualified lawyers, tax consultants and a notary, we specialise primarily in providing legal and tax advice to commercial enterprises. Likewise, we are committed to helping private persons and taxpayers seeking justice with equal professionalism. All of our clients benefit from the comprehensive range of capabilities and experience that we have gained over the decades as well as the language skills of our professionals (German, English, Spanish and Polish).

Enterprises and entrepreneurs obtain competent assistance with all important legal and tax issues at our firm: From the formation of the company and issues related thereto, such as choosing the appropriate type of entity and financial capital, in particular of taxation aspects, over liability risks, the obligations and responsibilities of the shareholders and managing directors etc., down to the contractual arrangements, tax optimisation, and – if necessary – notarial implementation.

If necessary, we also defend your company’s various legal and fiscal issues in court for you, be it with respect to debt collection or commercial, corporate, labour, warranty, competition, or contract law.

We offer equally comprehensive and responsible assistance to you in regard to your private legal issues. In this context, the private and business issues are often interconnected, which has to be taken into consideration. In this respect, we focus primarily on the fields of labour law, inheritance law, and real estate law.

Our clients, furthermore, benefit from the opportunity to get comprehensive and competent tax advice from our experts. This advice is also tailored to fit your individual situation, down to the last detail. We are happy to provide the necessary accounting services on your behalf, and to assist you with the preparation of your annual financial statements and the compliance with your obligation to file tax returns with the revenue service. We actively represent your interests not only within the framework of the tax return, but also in the case of tax audits and – if necessary – in lawsuits.


Being successful in legal and business affairs means being able to assert and effectively uphold one’s interests. In this context, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts, and in almost every case, there is more than one answer to every question.

We are at your side assisting and supporting you to find solutions that meet your particular needs and requirements. This is our first priority, and that is why discussing them with you in detail is most important for us.

We make your issue our concern by first thoroughly analysing it and then explaining your rights and practicable approaches to you in a clear and understandable manner. You can rely on a team of highly skilled experts that act quickly and cost-consciously on your behalf.

The cooperation of our experienced lawyers and tax consultants and the notary of our law firm ensures that the concepts and arrangements developed for you are not only reviewed from a civil law perspective, but also aligned with your fiscal and economic situation.