Tax Consultancy

Extensive competence for complex needs

We provide you with competent, effective and tailored support in all current tax matters and special issues:

Financial Accounting

By using our EDP system DATEV we can establish a bookkeeping system which is specific to your company and handle all current bookkeeping matters, to enable you to focus with peace of mind on your passion – your day to day business. If requested, we can implement a cost-center accounting system and prepare management analyses for you, based on your specific requirements. In the course of our work, we only use the most up to date digital solutions.


Annual Reports

Filing meaningful annual reports both for commercial and tax law including explanations according to your specific needs is one of our core competences. In this context, we also prepare the publication of financial statements and electronic balance sheets for tax purposes. We carry out these activities independently, whether the bookkeeping has been prepared by us or has been internally filed in your company.


Wage Accounting

We prepare wage accounting to relieve you from all formalities of the tax office and the social security agencies. In this regard we also use the most up to date digital solutions.


Tax returns for commercial companies, professionals and individuals

We have gained invaluable experience over numerous years in filing tax returns for companies, professionals, individuals as well as other complex company structures (tax groups, company split-ups, etc.) on a domestic and international basis.  We are very familiar with partnerships as well (e. g. complementary and supplementary tax balance sheets, loss off-setting according to Sec. 15a Income Tax Act, favoritism of withheld gains). Be rest assured , that we will use all possible tax options to your greatest advantage.


Assistance in tax and social insurance audits

We prepare your company in an optimal way for audits by the tax authorities and social security agencies and assist you during the whole audit. Thus, your rights are protected in the best possible way.


Opposition and Finance Court proceedings including Federal Central Tax Court

It is  common knowledge that , occasionally, tax authorities  – often caused by a questionable legal opinion – dispute tax returns filed, even if they have been prepared as diligently as possible. We assist you in the initial opposition to this claim, and if necessary, in finance court proceedings, to enforce your rights in the strongest possible way. We have vast experience in court proceedings even at Federal Central Tax Court and Federal Constitutional Court.


Inheritance and Gift Tax

In complex inheritance and gift cases, we support you with our in-depth knowledge and expertise in a competent manner to ensure that you minimize the tax burden as far as possible. Furthermore, in cases of transfers of business property and the tax benefits which are granted in this context, we have broad experience and competence.


Value Added Tax for national and international companies

We effectively manage all VAT related matters both for national and international companies, which includes filing mandatory VAT returns.


Strategic Tax Planning

Supporting our clients in strategic tax planning is one of our main activities. Our key specialization are

  • tax structuring
  • restructuring of group of companies
  • acquisitions and sales of companies
  • advice regarding succession in companies and for individuals
  • foundation and incorporation of companies and establishing businesses
  • liquidation of companies

In this context, we provide a distinctive advantage through our multidisciplinary teamwork between our tax and legal departments. This enables us to analyze, identify and implement the optimal ways for you to proceed after thorough consideration of all the essential factors.


International Tax Law

Tax planning does not stop at national borders. In these times of globalization, the relevance of international tax law is constantly increasing, both for companies and individuals.

With our long standing competence in this area, we look forward to assisting you or your company to avoid unnecessary tax burdens.


Fiscal Offense Law

Changes in law and intergovernmental treaties result in tighter obligations, especially of banks to disclose information. This has led to an increased importance of fiscal criminal law. We have successfully filed several reports explaining false or incomplete tax declarations to tax authorities in a professional manner thus exempting our clients from criminal sanction.